Festive Events

Reindeer, penguins, owls and other animals are used as props in festive events. Made to travel up and down the country and put on display for crowds - they are just like circuses. Read more

Pet trade

Monkeys, skunks, crocodiles, hedgehogs and porcupines. These are just some of the many different species traded in the UK as ‘exotic pets’. Read more

TV and film

Animals are not actors or performers. They are forced into this life by human ‘trainers’, forced to perform cruel tricks for the camera. Read more


Animals in aquariums are taken from the wild and forced to live in tiny tanks. Read more


Animals including camel, zebra, horses and dogs continue to be exploited in circuses in the UK. Read more

Mobile zoos

Animals used in mobile displays are forced to endure stressful and unnatural environments. Read more


Animals in zoos are denied a life of freedom. A cage can never be their home. Read more