August 2022

It is World Elephant Day this Friday 12th August! This week we are celebrating these incredible animals and calling for Freedom for Elephants!

Elephants have been a focus of Freedom for Animals since our beginnings in 1957. Here's a little round up on the campaign over the years. These victories were only made possible thanks to the efforts of committed and pasionate people like you

We have gone undercover many and exposed cruelty to elephants in many circuses across the UK and Ireland.

In the mid 1980s we successfully shut down animal acts at the Blackpool Tower Circus, where for six months of every year, the animals including elephants were confined in the cellars of the tower.

We campaigned for decades for an end to elephants in circuses and secured bans in England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland. As of 2021, elephants have been free from the circus!

We have exposed the suffering of elephants in zoos many times. We infiltrated a special training session held at a zoo by an animal trainer. We filmed elephants being trained to lift their feet and head, hold sticks in their mouths and jabbed with elephant hooks in the shoulder and head.

Now, we call for a ban on the keeping of elephants in zoos and continue to fight for their freedom! Join us and take action for elephants!

One of the best ways to support our work for freedom for elephants, is to join us as a Freedom Champion. Your monthly donation will fuel campaigns against cruel captivity, help us investigate zoos, lobby for change and spread the word that wild animals should be free!

Throughout August, if you join us as a Freedom Champion you will receive a free soft toy elephant as an extra special thank you!