Thousands of animals are kept in captivity in zoos, aquariums, mobile zoos and other entertainment industries.

Many of these animals become lost in the numbers, just one of a group of fish, birds or other animals spending their days in tanks and cages. Very few have their story told and their life experience shared, their lives are hidden in the shadows.

Through our Shine a Light series we tell the stories of some of the individuals we have come across in our campaigning. From the sad story of Kate the elephant, orphaned in the wild and shipped to the UK for a life in the zoo, to the story of Josh the monkey, who was rescued after a life in the pet trade and an unlicensed zoo.

We tell their stories to help people to connect with these animals. To help people who might visit a zoo or aquarium to think deeper about the individuals they see behind the glass or in the cage. To help them recognise these animals on display as thinking, feeling individuals who have endured so much for captivity.

We hope these stories inspire more people to take action to help animals, through boycotting these industries, making a donation, signing a petition, attending a demonstration or just spreading the word.

Shine a Light