Statement regarding the cancellation of the reindeer event at the Saddle Inn

On 2nd November 2021 we released an online action asking people to make contact with the Saddle Inn, York to ask them to cancel their planned use of live reindeer at their Christmas event. In light of statements made by the company and subsequent press regarding threats made, we wanted to outline our position. 

We were not involved in any threatening activities or communications against the Saddle Inn or indeed any other business. We are a registered charity and we always campaign within the law and provide peaceful means for our supporters to take action for animals.

We posted a peaceful action online, asking people to contact the pub and ask them to cancel their planned use of live reindeer as festive entertainment. We provided a template email for people to send to the venue which was polite and factual, asking them to reconsider using live animals. The information we used is fully in the public domain, either on social media or a website. 

We are aware of what the owners of the pub are claiming has happened, however from the information available to us, any threats sent did not come via our website. If anyone is acting alone, they are not doing this with our consent.

Every year we raise awareness about the plight of animals used as props in festive events. These animals are forced to endure cramped conditions, loud noises, and manhandling from the public, and we ask businesses to plan compassionate events instead, without the unnecessary exploitation of living, feeling animals such as reindeer. We are a peaceful charity who works by opening up dialogue with companies in the hope that we can discuss the use of animals in entertainment.

We have engaged with the press fully and have made sure our peaceful stance is clear and also made sure to speak about the campaign and the issues with using animals in events.

We are a peaceful charity, working hard for animals and have been for the last 60 years.