As part of our World Wildlife Day we are looking at ways we can learn about and see animals without supporting cruel zoos and aquariums.

Birdwatching has got to be one of the best animal-friendly and easily accessible activities we can do to connect with wild animals.

You can watch animals from afar who are living wild and free - a great time for everyone!

All you need to do is get hold of a pair of binoculars (you can sometimes find them in charity shops or you can buy a decent basic pair online) and get out into your local park!

Here's our top 5 tips on birdwatching:

1. Not sure which bird it is that you have spotted? The Merlin Bird ID App gives you access to bird packs relevant to your location and if you have taken a photo you can upload it for their bird species suggestion. 

2. There are four key characteristics to look out for when identifying birds: size and shape, colour pattern, behaviour and habitat. Check out this video for a guide on what to look out for.

3. Attract birds to your garden! Put up nest boxes, bird feeders and a bird bath and see the birds move in. You can catch them from a window of your house!

4. One of the best ways to watch the birds is from home! These live webcams bring you the action up close and personal. 

5. The birds come first. 5 things to remember when birdwatching: