By Nicola O'Brien, Campaigns Director

We are all on lockdown right now and that has stopped us doing a lot of things we normally would. Hopefully everyone is keeping as safe as they can do, and finding new ways to keep busy.

It is great to see it hasn’t stopped you from campaigning for animals! 

Over Easter weekend we held our annual Zoo Awareness Weekend, which this year focused on owls exploited in bird of prey zoos. We wanted to highlight how these birds are used in their thousands for human entertainment and encourage people to speak out for the freedom of birds.

And you certainly did that! We would usually organise protests outside zoos across the UK and Ireland but of course couldn’t do so this year.

So with your help we took the protest online! We were delighted to see your creativity shine for animals, with people sending in homemade posters speaking up for birds.

This was our favourite!

Over the whole weekend you shared our facts about owls, our blogs on cruel captivity and our campaign videos. Of course, this weekend was a fun one, but also had a very serious message, that owls and other birds should not be held captive.

We released our new campaign video all about owls:

We even saw wildlife and campaign experts getting involved:

Thanks to all those who took our action to contact DEFRA. They have now received thousands of emails calling on them to ban the tethering of birds!

If you missed the weekend you can still take part! These actions can be done at any time, as the birds are still in desperate need of help. So send your email to DEFRA here:


Thank you for a great weekend of action for owls!