January – March

Zoo where 500 animals died hits headlines. 
An exposé showed how over 500 animals died horrific deaths at South Lakes Safari Zoo. CAPS and our supporters were drawn into a 6 month campaign to shut this place down.

You stand up against animal circuses. 
As with every year, animal circuses start touring in February. Demonstrations outside circuses took place around the country over the season until late October.

April – June

Zoos’ false conservation claims exposed. 
Our new report which examined the conservation status of animals kept in zoos, tackled the myth that zoos exist to protect endangered species. Over 90% of the animals in the zoos we investigated were not endangered, highlighting the real reason zoos keep them captive – for entertainment.

Protests took place nationwide outside zoos over Zoo Awareness Weekend, held in April.

Whistleblowers speaks out as Safari Zoo is granted a licence. 
As the campaign heated up, one ex-employee of the zoo claimed he had been told by management to feed the animals “mouldy bread” and that animals were still dying. Despite this and the efforts of animal protection advocates nationwide, the zoo was granted a new licence.

Freedom for Animals speaks for animals in Scottish Parliament. 
We were invited to give evidence and feedback to the Scottish Government on their plans to ban travelling animal circuses. We advocated for a strong ban and urge them to incoude domestic animals too. 

July – September

Wales considers banning animal circuses. 
The Welsh Government launched a public consultation on the legislation of ‘mobile animal exhibits’ such as mobile zoos, and travelling circuses. Using our published guidance, you responded to this crucial process, demanding a full ban on the use of animals in circuses in Wales and demanding better protection for animals in mobile exhibits.

You take action for sea animals across the UK and Ireland. 
Our Aquarium Week of Action saw you and many others speaking out for fish, octopus, turtles, crabs and other sea animals. Protests, information stalls, online actions all focused on showing how important these animals are and how a tank will never be their home.

October – December

Campaign to end the primate pet trade reaches Westminster. 
Over 56,000 caring people like you signed a petition which was handed to DEFRA asking for a ban on the keeping of primates as pets. A parlimentary event, hosted by Freedom for Animals and campaign partners, saw MPs and animal campaigners come together to end this cruel trade.

VICTORY! Ireland ban wild animal circuses.
November saw the fantastic announcement that  the Republic of Ireland had banned wild animals in travelling circuses. We were delighted, especially after having carried out extensive investigation work into Irish circuses over the years and long campaigned for a ban.

VICTORY! Scotland ban wild animal circuses. 
Another fantastic victory for animals as Scotland becomes the first UK country to ban wild animals in travelling circuses. This victory has been decades in the making. 


And onto 2018…

Thank you once again for all you do for animals! Here’s to another year of hard work and progress!