April 2022

This year’s Zoo Awareness Weekend was a huge success! So many of our wonderful supporters and animal rights groups hit the streets and held protests and information stalls across the UK.

This is such a busy time for these businesses that it makes it a perfect time to get out there and spread the word of the suffering that the animals in these places go through. Day after day animals are imprisoned for profit and entertainment. 

Here are just some of the amazing outreach reports we have received held over Zoo Awareness Weekend 2022. 

London Zoo

London Zoo saw a demo outside on Friday 15th April. So many activists turned up to show the paying public what really happens behind the walls. London Zoo is such a large zoo in this country and it is time people started to look at these bigger zoos through the eyes of the animals. 

Wearing animal face masks protesters gave out hundreds of leaflets, spoke on the megaphone so they could alert more people to the suffering of animals, chatted with endless people to make them aware of the impact that being imprisoned has on animals, and encouraged people to support sanctuaries rather than zoos. 

A great day was had by all that attended the demonstration.

Belfast Outreach - Speaking Up for the Animals

On Friday 15th April, Speaking Up for the Animals participated in Freedom for Animals Zoo Awareness Weekend in Belfast 

in the hopes that we could counter some of the industry's constant deceptive messaging about how much zoos supposedly do in the name of conservation and education.

The public was generally receptive to taking our leaflets--especially from one of our newest activists, 4 1/2 year old Sharvari, who began eagerly taking them from our education table and handing them out on her own initiative! --and multiple people thanked us for being there. 

One woman left after a long conversation, telling an activist that he had given her 'a lot to think about'. 

Another man who came up was initially somewhat hostile, arguing for the conservation value of zoos, but some discussion had him leaving in a good mood with a collection of the different leaflets we had out on our table. 

All in all, it was a good and productive day.

Brighton SeaLife - Brighton Animal Rights

On Saturday 16th April Activists protested outside SeaLife Brighton.

150 years of animal abuse, Lulu the turtle has been incarcerated for 80 years, no animal in there will swim free in the ocean. 

Lulu has a heart breaking story that began in the wild! She was stolen from her natural home in 1940 and shipped to the UK to appear in a TV advert. She has been in prison ever since. In the wild she would have travelled hundreds, even thousands of miles. In captivity she circles the same restricted space again and again.

Stop going and it will close. We will fight for that day.

Outreach day by Darlington and Teesside Animal Rights Activists (Datara)  

In conjunction with Freedom For Animals' Zoo Awareness weekend we held a peaceful protest with leaflets, information posters and conversations. A very positive day was had by all!

We talked to members of the public about zoos, mobile zoos, petting farms and animals in captivity and the misery they face on a daily basis.

Day of outreach by North East Animal Rights (NEAR) 

We held a day of outreach to help inform people of the misery and pain animals face in zoos, aquariums, mobile zoos and all other forms of entertainment that use animals. We had such an amazing day! We spoke to many people, gave out so many leaflets, and we let people know the truth.

Knowsley Safari Park - Merseyside Animal Rights

We held a protest outside Knowsley Safari park to highlight the plight of all animals held in captivity, and particular their insistence on making animals perform for entertainment in their Bird of Prey and Sea Lion displays. We will also draw attention to their involvement in the killing of grey squirrels

Twycross Zoo Leicester Animal Rights and Nottingham Animal Rights

Animal advocates from across the midlands held a peaceful and hopefully educational demonstration outside HMP Twycross. Huge thanks to all involved. We gave out leaflets, held banners and informed people of the continued suffering that animals face in captivity.

Zoos in the UK hold tens of thousands of animals captive. Many are suffering in silence, their misery unseen despite the thousands of people who peer in at them everyday. Zoos which exploit animals can never be ethical.

We can’t thank everyone who got involved for this year’s Zoo Awareness Weekend! You really have helped to make 2022 a huge success!

To those of you thinking of getting involved in future demonstrations and outreach days, let us know and we could help you link up with a local group in your area.. 

If you can’t get out and about there are many other ways you can help animals such as:

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