For 60 years we have been known as the Captive Animals’ Protection Society, a name that was chosen by our founder Irene Heaton. Over that time we have stayed true to the principles we were set up with, working at a grassroots level and having a strong animal rights ethic. Over that time we have also grown to work on more campaigns and influence laws to protect animals.

For our supporters who have been with us for many years you will know everything about CAPS and more importantly, the issues affecting the animals that we fight for.

But for some people who are new to the world of animal protection, it has been confusing for them to understand what it is that we do as an organisation and what our ultimate goal is. This has meant we have not reached people in the way we need to, to be able to achieve even more for animals.

So, we felt we needed a new name which explains more clearly what we do as an organisation and inspires people to get active for animals.

What could be more inspiring than fighting for ‘Freedom for Animals’?