19th February 2023

Borth Wild Animal Kingdom has officially appealed a Ceredigion Council order instructing the zoo to close its dangerous animal enclosures. 

The order covers species classed as ‘Category 1’ animals, including animals such as lions, lynx, wolfdogs, capuchin monkeys and pythons, all of which have been housed at the zoo.

The troubled zoo has been closed since the order was issued on 27th January after being found to be in breach of its zoo licence conditions, but last week went against council advice and re-opened to the public. This was in spite of the zoo still being in breach of its licence conditions and seemingly keeping some dangerous animal enclosures open to the public. Social media posts made by the zoo state the lion enclosure is "off limits" but no mention is made of the other Category 1 animal enclosures which were also covered by the order. 

The appeal hearing will take place on the 26th March at Aberystwyth Magistrates Court at 9.45am. It is presumed the zoo will remain open until the hearing. In doing so it will continue to operate against the advice of the licensing authority. 

If the appeal fails, the animals will be removed by the authorities. The council are working to find homes for the animals should this happen. 

Take action to have Borth Zoo closed for good!

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