12th February 2021

Following the news that Borth Wild Animal Kingdom Ltd was compulsorily wound up and had its assets liquidated by the Insolvency and Companies Court on Wednesday (10 February), Freedom for Animals now understands that the manager of the failing zoo has resigned.

In a statement, David Crumpton announced his resignation from the zoo along with that of Samantha Pardoe, who worked as Assistant Zoo Manager.

Bailiffs are reportedly visiting the zoo, located near Aberystwyth, today to strip the company of its remaining assets. The zoo's Facebook page has also been taken down.

Despite the zoo's management company having been wound up, Borth Wild Animal Kingdom's owner, Dean Tweedy, announced his intention to continue and hinted that Borth Zoo may see a 're-birth in the spring'. However, it is hard to see how continuing the zoo would be viable.

Freedom for Animals will be keeping a close eye on proceedings and will provide updates as and when new information comes to light.

We are working hard to close Borth Zoo and protect the animals there, but we need your help.

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