The Republic of Ireland have committed to banning wild animals in circuses by January 2018. 

Freedom for Animals' three investigations into circuses in Ireland have uncovered animals including giraffe, hippo, rhino, elephants, tigers, camels and many more who have suffered in the life of the circus. Animals were forced to perform unnatural and degrading tricks for the sake of ‘entertainment’.

Today is a day to rejoice for the animals who will no longer be subjected to the cruelty of the circus in the Republic of Ireland. You have helped us achieve this massive victory! Your support has enabled us to investigate, lobby and campaign for an end to wild animals being exploited in circuses.

We took our investigations to parliament and councils and put the welfare of animals in Irish circuses on their agenda. With you, the amazing groups and campaigners in Ireland, we have made a difference for wild animals! Even last year a circus from the Netherlands visited Ireland with their three elephants. They were met with huge opposition from local groups. Ireland have stood up and said ‘No More!’

This progressive step means that wild animals being used in circuses in the UK and Ireland are rapidly coming to an end. With Scotland committing to bringing in a ban by 2018 and Wales considering a ban on wild animals in circuses, those few remaining circuses using wild animals will soon have to face facts – there is no place for them in modern society. Exploiting animals in circuses is outdated and belongs in the history books. Together, we are achieving a better world for animals.

We won’t stop until animal circuses are gone, for good. With your help we can ban animal circuses in the UK.

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