25th March 2020

Three African antelopes have today escaped from Borth Wild Animal Kingdom, near Aberystwyth. It was first believed that only two had escaped after a public statement was made by the zoo stating that one female and one male were lose near the site in Ceredigion. It also said that the male lechwe had been located and a dart team was en route, whereas the female's whereabouts remains unknown.

Ceredigion Council has however confirmed that three antelopes in fact escaped from their enclosures. The council strongly condemned the zoo, stating; 'This is extremely disappointing news for the local authority who have issued a number of closure notices on the zoo, as the local authority has lost confidence in the ability of the zoo to operate responsibly and safely. The zoo operators have appealed the initial closure order and we await confirmation of a court hearing. In the meantime, officers are at the scene to assess the situation. We would ask the public to stay away from the area, until the situation is resolved.'

This is not the first time the failing zoo has had escaped animals. It reached headlines in 2017 after Lillith the Lynx was shot dead following an escape incident.

The zoo had recently reopened against the advice of Ceredigion Council, who issued a zoo closure direction for the enclosures of the zoo's most dangerous animals following a breach of the licence conditions. The zoo was however forced to close on Sunday 22nd March due to the coronavirus crisis.

Freedom for Animals' Director, Sam Threadgill stated;

During this time of crisis, the keepers at Borth Zoo have again proven themselves to be highly irresponsible. This latest incident is yet further evidence that Borth Wild Animal Kingdom pose a danger to both the public and the animals held captive by them. I greatly urge Ceredigion Council to permanently close Borth Zoo.

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