15th July 2020 

Today, the Wild Animals and Circuses (Wales) Bill passed it's final hurdle. Members of the Senedd unanimously voted in favour of the bill that will make it illegal to use wild animals in travelling circus in Wales. This brings Wales into line with the rest of Great Britain, after a Scottish ban on wild animals in circuses came into force in 2017, followed by England in January 2020. A similar ban is also in place in the Republic of Ireland.

The Welsh ban will come into effect on 1st December 2020.

Lesley Griffths, the Minister for Environment, Energy and Rural Affairs said:

The use of wild animals for entertainment in this way is outdated – wild animals are sentient beings with complex needs, and they should not be seen as commodities for our entertainment.

There are currently two UK circuses who have wild animals (Circus Mondao and Peter Jollys Circus), however both have been forced to cut their 2020 tours short due to the lockdown.

Responding to the news, Freedom for Animals' Director, Sam Threadgill, commented:

This is a historic moment and represents a major step forward towards a more compassionate future. Animals have no place in cruel circus acts. This ban is due to the hard work of everyone who, for years, protested, signed petitions, lobbied councils and more. It is proof that together we can achieve a world without cages.

Freedom for Animals has campaigned against the use of animals in circuses since 1957. Although this new legislation is a huge victory, we will continue to campaign until ALL animals are banned from circuses, not just those classed as wild.