31st January 2020

An open letter to Ceredigion Council calling on them to close Borth Wild Animal Kingdom

In response to the latest failings at Borth Wild Animal Kingdom, Freedom for Animals have sent this letter to Ceredigion Council who are responsible for licensing and inspecting the zoo. This zoo has been banned twice from keeping wild animals and has a long history of animal welfare concerns. 

We are calling on the council to close this zoo once and for all, for the safety of the animals and the public. 

Read our letter below and add your name to the letter here: 


Dear Ellen ap Gwynn,

I am writing to you to express our concern over the repeated failings of Borth Wild Animal Kingdom.

It is within Ceredigion County Council’s power to order the full and permanent closure of Borth Wild Animal Kingdom under section 16B of the Zoo Licencing Act 1981. We would urge the Council to do so, as it is evident that the zoo have failed in their requirement regarding firearms arrangements in the event of a possible escape of Category 1 animals.

We believe that a zoo closure direction that covers the entirety of Borth Wild Animal Kingdom is necessary due to the fact that the zoo has consistently proven itself unable to meet its licencing conditions. The totally avoidable incident whereby a lynx was strangled to death by a keeper, the asphyxiation of an emu by an employee after they had escaped near to the lion enclosure and the deaths of three northern bald ibis after becoming entangled in netting are just a few tragic examples of Dean and Tracey Tweedy’s inability to provide adequate care of those animals held captive by them.

We hope that you will prioritise animal welfare and public safety and permanently close Borth Wild Animal Kingdom.

Yours sincerely,

Sam Threadgill
Freedom for Animals


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