In the space of a few days, one lynx has been shot and another strangled to death. The nation is shocked and distressed not only for the lynx who sadly lost their lives, Lillith and Nilly, but also for the remaining animals at the zoo.

It seems crystal clear to us that the animals under the care of the zoo are not safe there. Whilst no zoo enclosure can provide for all the complex environmental, social and physical needs of a wild animal, the animals held captive in zoos should at the very least be kept safe and receive the best treatment.

Young lynx at Borth Wild Animal Kingdom

The owners Dean and Tracy Tweedy bought the zoo earlier this year and appear to have no previous experience of running a similar operation. Once again, we have an example of a zoo which appears to have been bought with the best intentions but by those with little experience and knowledge about the animals held captive. It is of great concern to us that anyone can set-up or buy a zoo with no relevant animal qualifications and one that we have highlighted to DEFRA.

Historically we have been concerned about issues at the zoo and have shared our concerns with the council.  We will be calling on the council to investigate recent events at Borth thoroughly with serious consideration given to the escape of Lillith and the strangulation of Nilly the lynx. We call for the zoo to be closed and for the animals to be moved to safe environments.

Lillith and Nilly have been failed by the zoo. We can not allow it to continue.

If you have visited the zoo and have information to share, please contact the local council or speak to us in confidence at [email protected]