Last week, MSPs unanimously approved of the first stage of the Scottish Bill to ban wild animals in circuses, with many calling for it be strengthened.This is a great step forward for the animals!

After campaigning to end the use of animals in circuses for the last 60 years, here at Freedom for Animals we know that a ban is grossly overdue.

We were invited to give evidence on the Draft Bill to ban the use of wild animals in circuses in Scotland.

Campaigns Director Nicola O’Brien answered questions from government committee members about the ethical versus welfare arguments for a ban, as well as advocating for action to be taken on mobile zoos too:

Freedom for Animals have worked on this issue for 60 years now…it is a growing opinion of the public about how we see animals and I think that people just feel that they don’t think it’s right that we use animals in this way

CAPS Campaigns Director Nicola O’Brien giving evidence for the Scottish Bill

Although the Bill has more stages to go through before it is passed, the outcome of this debate is a huge victory for animals!

A huge THANK YOU to everyone who responded to our call to action on social media and wrote to their MSP or shared the message for helping animals in circuses.

The tide is changing with more and more people turning away from the captivity of animals in circuses. It is important that we continue the fight for these animals’ freedom.

Alongside this Government-level work, we are continuing to monitor circuses travelling around the country with animals and are still supporting local demonstrations.

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