Report a festive event that will be using animals this Christmas

Each year event organisers around the country will host live animal events as part of their festive celebrations. Animals like reindeer, donkeys, birds and many more will be paraded through the city centres, held in pens in shopping centres and on show in live nativities. They will be transported up and down the country, be exposed to loud noises from large crowds and bright lights all of which causes animals immense stress.  

Why do we need your help? Many of these events only advertise locally or last minute so alone we may never find all of them, but with your help we can!

TV and the media

As part of our wider campaign work into the use of animals on TV and in the media we would also like to know if you see any animals used on TV over the festive period. Please report any adverts or TV shows that you may see that feature animals, whether that be a reindeer on a soap opera or a penguin in an advert, if they are live animals (and not cartoons) please let us know. 

Animals are not props or decorations!


Take action!

If you find out that a festive event in your area will be using animals this year, you can now report it to us using the form below. The more details you can provide the easier it will be for us to find the event.

We will not pass on your details to anybody else but may contact you for further information.

Thank you for taking action for animals!

If you have any issues using this form, or would prefer to tell us about an event via email, you can contact Isobel at [email protected].