Freedom Champions are at the heart of everything we do.

Freedom Champions are ordinary people - just like you - doing something extraordinary to help vulnerable and suffering animals. Be becoming a Freedom Champion and making a monthly donation, you will power all that we do to end the exploitation of animals. You will play a critical role in stopping cruelty. Your monthly gift will go to work instantly, making sure we are there for each and every individual, taking action whenever and wherever we are needed.

Join Team Freedom - a global community of animal allies committed to breaking the chain of animal cruelty.

By joining Team Freedom and becoming a Freedom Champion, you will be united with a movement of people dedicated to fighting for animal freedom, for as long as it takes. Your monthly gift will allow us to plan ahead and provide an income stream we can rely on, ensuring we can be there for animals in the future.

With you by our side, we will secure our long-term goal. We will end animal exploitation for good.

Please, become become a Freedom Champion and show that you refuse to allow animal suffering to continue.

Your amazing gift will power:

  1. INVESTIGATION - You will fuel undercover investigations and groundbreaking research, ensuring that no animal’s suffering is allowed to remain hidden
  2. EDUCATION- You will drive impactful, wide-reaching campaigns and outreach work that is vital to ending the cruelty of captivity
  3. PROTECTION - You will make sure we can be there for each and every animal who needs us, offering them the freedoms they so deserve.

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For too long animals have been exploited people and companies who have stripped them of their rights, and used them for whatever purpose they wish. Fight back. Prove that we can use our passion and determination to make a difference.

We urgently need you on our team to change the world for the better. We desperately need you to speak out and stand up as an ally for animals.  

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We cannot thank you enough.

Until all are free.