What I most like about Freedom for Animals is that it is a charity that values employing a wide variety of strategies to defend captive animals. Their work ranges from lobbying the government to change legislation, to investigating and exposing the animal entertainment industry, as well as supporting grassroots campaigning local animal rights groups. After 20 years campaigning for animal rights I have understood that there is not one single magic approach that will deliver the liberation of animals - we need to fight the cruelty that animals endure from every possible angle, some changes will come from legislation while others from a simple leaflet handed out at a zoo entrance. It is all valuable and contributory.

Sole became a trustee for the charity in 2016. She has been involved with grassroots animal rights campaigning since the late 1990's, and it’s this experience and knowledge that she brings to support the work that Freedom for Animals carries out.

After becoming a fulltime health professional working for the NHS, Sole realised that she did not have the capacity to be as active in campaigning as before, but she did not want to stop being involved in promoting animal liberation. So she decided to take a more strategical and long term perspective to campaigning and applied to become a trustee for her favorite animal charity. As a trustee, Sole helps to steer the campaigning work, ensuring that it is in line with the wider goals, and offers advice to create an approach that it’s bold and daring but not reckless.

During her campaigning years Sole has been involved in anti-vivisection protests, demonstrated against greyhound racing and helped to close down greyhound racing stadiums in the UK, conducted undercover investigations in the circus industry, and participated in many projects dedicated to promote a vegan life style.