UPDATE! This event has now been cancelled! Thank you so much for taking action on this!

But the fight is not over. There are many more events like this taking place around the country each year. Be a part of the fight to end them by becoming a Freedom Champion today. Thank you.


Live penguins will be on used on display at the Queens indoor ice rink, for four hours on 19th January. Adults and children will be able to skate and see the penguins who will be in an enclosure on the ice.

We all know how busy and noisy ice rinks can be - how can this be a suitable place for wild penguins? Especially these penguins who are Humboldt penguins which come from warm climates in South America.

The event organisers are Queens, an ice rink and bowling alley in London. The event will take place 4pm-8pm on 19th January. 

The animals are being supplied by an unknown company at present, but we know that these animals will be hired out to events for public entertainment and will be deprived a life of freedom in the wild. We need to stop this!

Take Action!

Please contact the organisers of this event asking them to cancel. Wild animals are not objects for our entertainment!