Please sign and share the petition to free Lulu!

Lulu is an 80 year old green sea turtle who has been trapped in captivity for almost her entire life. Plucked from the wild when she was a tiny hatchling, she has been deprived of the freedom of the ocean, and all the experiences that would offer her, for decades, and held captive in various aquariums within tanks that will never be able to match the space she could roam in her natural habitat.


She is one of the oldest and largest turtles in captivity today, and has suffered from her incredibly limited environment for far too long. Enough is enough. Lulu deserves to spend her retirement in a sanctuary that can offer a habitat more suited to her complex needs and instincts; a sanctuary that won’t continue to exploit her for profit.

We, at Freedom for Animals, are calling on our dedicated supporters to help free Lulu and her partner Gulliver, by signing and sharing the petition created by our friends at Close Sealife below.

Together, we can help Lulu find peace and happiness, and see her incarceration at Sealife Brighton come to an end. 

Sign and share the petition to save Lulu

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