25th July 2019

Fantastic news for animals: The ban on wild animal circuses in England is finally enshrined in law. 

Yesterday, the bill to ban the use of wild animals in travelling circuses made it through the final stage of the parliamentary process to become law. 

The ban comes into force in England in January 2020 and means wild animals will no longer be used in travelling circuses. 

Currently, only two circuses tour with wild animals in England, an act which will be illegal. 

Campaigns Director Nicola O'Brien: 

I am so overjoyed that this ban has become law! It has been a long time coming. Freedom for Animals and animal advocates have fought for this result for years - over 60 years for us in fact! Now we eagerly await the day in January when finally, finally, travelling circuses will no longer be able to exploit wild animals in England."

This victory for animals is the latest in a growing number of similar bans in the UK and Ireland. The Republic of Ireland banned wild animal circuses last year, with Scotland too banning shortly after. Wales is also in the process of legislating, with a ban expected by the end of 2020. 

The bans will not cover domestic animals however, something which animal campaigners have also been calling for throughout their political lobbying. Campaigning work will continue to secure freedom for all animals exploited for entertainment. 

Take Action!

Please help us celebrate this great news by pushing hard for Wales to ban wild animal circuses too. Right now, we are preparing evidence to support the draft bill published by the Welsh Assembly. Your donation will help us do this whilst also pushing for a ban on domestic animals too. 

So please donate today if you can. Thank you.