25th April 2024

It's World Penguin Day! Here at Freedom for Animals we're marking the occassion by shining a light on the plight of penguins in captivity.

You may have read our blog post yesterday, detailing the ways in which penguins are treated like props and gimmicks across the entertainment industry, including in zoos and aquariums.

You may also be aware of our current campaign demanding that aquarium giant Sea Life, and its parent company Merlin Entertainments, release the penguins they hold captive. The ambassadors in this campaign are a colony of fifteen gentoo penguins currently kept in Sea Life's windowless basements below London city centre. The matriarch of this colony, Polly, has been in captivity for every single one of her 29 years. We teamed up with professional animator, Rebecca Matthews, to tell Polly's story in this heartbreaking animation:

There are penguins in that basement who have never seen the light of day, never breathed fresh air, and never seen the ocean in which they belong. And if we don't help them, they never will.

You can help:

By signing our petition you can add your name to those who will not stand for the imprisonment of the innocent. Gentoo penguins are incredible divers and swimmers - abilities they are denied enjoying in captivity. It must end now.

Want to take a stand in public in support of these wonderful animals? Join the protest this Saturday at Sea Life London Aquarium.

So you've signed the petition, and you're joining the protest, and you still want to do more to help penguins! You can adopt Polly and help to support our work to free her and her kind from captivity.

Spread the word and join the fight - together we can free all animals from captivity!