9th December 2022

December 10th is International Animal Rights Day - a day dedicated to remembering the billions of animals who have fallen victim to human exploitation, and which calls for the implementation of a Universal Declaration of Animal Rights (UDAR). The UDAR’s goal is to build on the recognition of human rights, and enlighten humanity that kindness and respect to all sentient individuals is long overdue.

This mission, and all the historical wins that have been achieved throughout the movement, could never be made possible without the power of people. Animal rights supporters all over the world are speaking up for animals throughout their everyday lives, and are part of a community dedicated to creating the change we need to see on the path to animal freedom.

This International Animal Rights day, Freedom for Animals wants to highlight how important we believe grassroots activism is to the movement, and shine a light on the amazing people who are already helping animals each day.

Grassroots activists have been at the heart of the charity for over 65 years, and together, we will continue to advocate for a cage-free world for all animals until we achieve that important goal!

How can you get involved?

Activism comes in many different forms, so rest assured there is always a way to get involved that fits your strengths, and sits within your comfort zone! No matter what, just remember that your work for animals is invaluable and is helping us in our shared aim of reaching animal freedom!

Online Activism!

There are so many ways to get active for animals in your everyday life, including online! Using platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to share educational videos, links and inspiring or emotional content, can allow your message to reach a wide ranging audience, and connect with new people. You can also sign and share important petitions, or take part in online actions like this which can often be the difference between animal rights being heard or ignored through the media or in government! 

Organise or Join a Demonstration!

There is a huge network of activists across a range of different locations in the UK and beyond, who regularly hold demonstrations, outreach events and protests centred around animal rights issues. Freedom for Animals has a long relationship with grassroots activism, as we recognise how powerful the power of people can truly be! That’s why we send out free campaign materials to support activists out on the streets fighting for change. You can order them here:  

Campaign Materials! 

Become an Undercover Investigator! 

Have you ever unknowingly been to an event where animals are being exploited and felt helpless, or wondered what you can do to help? If you have a camera phone, you can take videos as a member of the public and send them to us. This helps us to gain vital footage of the reality animals suffer during live events, which we can then share to event organisers, local authorities or the media in the hopes of shining a light on the issues. Footage also helps to build a body of evidence that we can use in our future animal protection work and in the continued fight to make these cruel events a thing of the past.

Here are some tips on how to get involved safely!

Donate to the cause!

Donations are a vital part of the animal rights movement, as the majority of abolitionist organisations are self-funded and rely on public support to continue their work. Not only a financial consideration, the donation of time is also incredibly valuable, as many animal charities and sanctuaries need volunteers to help them with the care of the animals or the day to day running of their organisation. You can find out more about how donations are used in our work HERE or find out how you can volunteer in your free time with us HERE!

No matter how you choose to help, your drive and dedication is what drives the animal rights movement, and with your continued support we will one day see a world where freedom for animals is a reality. We will not rest until all cages are empty, and animals have gained the recognition and respect they so rightfully deserve. Join us to help animals!

We also offer free, downloadable ACTIVIST PACKS to help get you started!

Read how our fundraising helps us to help animals, and how you can get involved!

- 9th December 2022