We are on a mission for change!

We are all fighting to bring about lasting change for animals who so desperately need our help. All of the actions we take, from undercover investigations to our Government lobbying, require funds to keep them going. One great way to achieve these big changes is to collect people’s small change!

Street collections and stalls

If you have some time on your hands, why not consider becoming a street collector for Freedom for Animals, or running a stall on our behalf? We can provide materials and posters for maximum impact, as well as organising relevant collecting permits. If you know a venue who may be sympathetic to our cause, it is also worth asking them whether they would let you hold a stall for us or even try asking at your local supermarket.

Collection tins out and about

Little red tins help raise thousands for animals in the last year. All of that spare change really does add up!

If you can’t make it to a demo or hold a stall why not consider having a tin in your place of work? Maybe you know of a local shop or cafe who may take one, to help out animals in need?

Email [email protected] and we can send you a tin!