Tied down, manipulated and starved, this is life for so many birds of prey across the UK right now!

Birds suffer immensely in zoos. Owls, eagles, falcons and so many more, undergo cruel training methods to make them ‘perform’ for the paying public. Yet the public knows very little about this. 

With over 100 bird of prey centres and zoos in the UK, there are thousands of birds living in misery right now. 

This is what we aim to change, and with your help we can do this.

So, we are calling on you to help us progress our Tether and Torment campaign. With new groundbreaking investigations we can create up to date compelling, detailed and factual evidence, vital to helping animals in captivity.

SAVE THE DATE! Donate to this appeal from 28th Nov - 5th Dec and your donation could be matched!

Tether and Torment

In 2019 we launched the Tether and Torment campaign. It was a huge success and we gained national press with the investigation. Our shocking campaign video was enough to get thousands of you speaking out for birds of prey.  

We are now going to advance this campaign by carrying out new investigations. This will support our advocacy, increase public pressure and help us to lobby for impactful change, by calling for an end to the cruel training methods used on birds of prey simply to keep them in captivity.

We already have the government discussing a ban of tethering in UK zoos, imagine if this went even further? By some captors’ own admission, many of these birds cannot be kept in captivity without being tethered, so the impact of this alone will be enormous for so many birds. But it doesn’t end there.

Raising awareness is key to ending this cruel industry - once public opinion changes, real change can begin.

Have Your Donation Matched

Animals need YOUR help to expose the cruelty they endure and put a STOP to cruel captivity.

And you have an amazing opportunity to do just that.

We have the chance to raise £5,500 for this vital project by taking part in the Big Give Christmas Challenge!

The Challenge is the UK's biggest online matched funding challenge. Over the days of the Challenge, 28th November - 5th December, supporters can donate to us, and their gifts can be DOUBLED! Such an amazing incentive and opportunity to help us raise funds for investigation equipment, research and campaigning costs.

To see such majestic animals tethered so the paying public can see them is truly harrowing to witness. Then I learnt of the disgraceful methods they use to force the birds to perform. This is what we NEED to expose. To do this I need your help, and together we can help animals held against their will.  Rachel Smith - Investigator

Thank you so much for helping animals in captivity.

To have your gift matched, donations must be received during these dates (12pm 28th November – 12pm 5th December 2023) using The Big Give website (link will be added live on the day of the launch). You can still donate to this campaign by post, phone or via our website, but your gift may not be matched.