On Monday (7th September), the infamous Borth Wild Animal Kingdom are is in court as part of their appeal against Ceredigion Council's closure direction to shut the enclosures of the zoo's most danergous animals after the zoo breached it's licence conditions. If Borth Zoo loses, this will be a major blow to the establishment dubbed 'Britain's worst zoo' and a huge step forwards towards getting this hellhole closed for good.

With so many zoos and aquariums dotted throughout the UK, why have we chosen to focus our campaign on Borth Zoo? Well, the timeline of horror at Borth Wild Animal Kingdom is truly shocking...

• Lilith the lynx shot dead after escaping
the zoo.
• Nilly the lynx and a bald ibis both strangled
in two separate incidents.
• Zoo is banned from keeping ‘dangerous’
animals but wins on appeal.

• Zoo found to be not meeting licence

• Zoo banned from keeping ‘dangerous’ wild
animals for the second time.
• Zoo closes but opens again shortly after,
going against council advice.
• Three African antelopes escape the zoo.
• The zoo is found to have tax arrears of
• Freedom for Animals unearths that 1 in 5 of
all animals died at the zoo in 1 year.
• Licensing authority states it has ‘lost faith’ in
the zoo.
• In May 2020, the zoo states publicly that it
only has 1 week of funds left and may kill

Ceredigion Council, the local authority responsible for licensing the zoo, has even stated that it has 'lost confidence in the ability of the zoo to operate responsibly and safely.' Council officials also previously said that they are working on rehoming plans for the Category 1 animals in the event that the appeal is unsuccessful. These include a python, two lions, three lynx and five monkeys.

Freedom for Animals' Director, Sam Threadgill added:

Too many animals have suffered and died within Borth Zoo. Freedom for Animals will not stop campaigning until this horror zoo is shut down permanently. 

Take action to have Borth Zoo closed for good!

Add your signature to our letter to the council, demanding they close this zoo down completely.