22nd May 2020

The owners of the notorious Borth Wild Animal Kingdom, located near Aberystwyth, have stated that they only have one week's worth of funds left due to the lockdown causing cutting off a major avenue of income. This means that the zoo's closure could be imminent.

Despite receiving £25,000 of tax payers' money to keep their failing zoo afloat during the coronavirus crisis, Dean and Tracy Tweedy have confirmed that this money has almost all been spent, spelling what could be the final chapter in the zoo's long and troubled history. 

In March this year, three African antelopes escaped from Borth Wild Animal Kingdom, causing Ceredigion Council to condemn the zoo. In a strongly worded statement the council announced that news of the escape was 'extremely disappointing' and declared that it had 'lost confidence in the ability of the zoo to operate responsibly and safely.' This came just weeks after the zoo reopened against the advice of Ceredigion Council following a notice to shut the enclosures of its most dangerous animals, due to a breach in the zoo's licence requirements.

Also in March, Freedom for Animals unearthed the horrific news that a staggering 1 in 5 animals at Borth Wild Animal Kingdom had died within the space of 12 months in 2018.

Council officials have previously stated that they have worked on rehoming plans for the most dangerous (Category 1) animals, including a python, two lions, three lynx and five monkeys. Further to this, Tracy Tweedy has also commented that they will "have to start looking at rehoming" their animals next week.

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