30th March 2020

Last week, Freedom for Animals revealed that 20% of animals held at Borth Wild Animal Kingdom died in the space of 12 months. A stock list disclosed by Ceredigion Council uncovered the fact that 57 of its 305 animals perished in 2018Five out of seven marginated tortoises died within the year, so too did five out of the six parakeets and seven out of 30 primates. Behind each one of these numbers was an individual who simply wanted to live and display their natural behaviours, something that the zoo environment denies.

Astonishingly, on 25th March, three African antelopes escaped from their enclosure at the zoo. A juvenile quickly returned however as council officers were rushed to the scene where an adult male and an adult female letchwe were on the loose. The male was shot with a tranquilizer dart that evening and was returned whereas the female was recaptured the following day. Thankfully, both animals survived the ordeal, unlike Lillith the lynx who was shot dead after her escape from the zoo in 2017.

In a strongly worded statement, the council said that the news of the escape was 'extremely disappointing' and declared that it had 'lost confidence in the ability of the zoo to operate responsibly and safely.'

Borth Wild Animal Kingdom has appealed a closure direction from Ceredigion Council to close its most dangerous animal exhibits (known as Category 1 animals), issued after breaching one of its licence conditions. The male antelope who escaped is classed as a Category 1 animal due to the length of his horns, further evidencing the fact that Borth Zoo continue to behave completely irresponsibly.

Council officials have stated that they are working on rehoming plans for the Category 1 animals in the event that the appeal is unsuccessful. These include a python, two lions, three lynx and five monkeys.

Freedom for Animals is continuing to campaign for the closure of the entire zoo to safeguard all animals currently suffering at Borth Wild Animal Kingdom.

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