11th January 2019

Freedom for Animals are dismayed to see that live penguins will be put on display at an ice rink in London. The five penguins are being brought to the Queens ice rink for skaters and other visitors to “meet” on Penguin Awareness Day, 19th January.

Freedom for Animals have reached out to the event organisers asking them to cancel the live penguin display. No response has been received from the organisers so far.

Campaigns Director, Nicola said,

We are shocked to see an event like this taking place with wild animals, especially in so-called support of Penguin Awareness Day. The way this event is being advertised in press is all about people getting to 'skate with penguins', which is completely irresponsible. To truly help penguins we need to protect them, in every way, not exploit them to entertain the public.

Concerned members of the public are reacting to the event on social media and a protest is being organised to take place outside the venue.

Comments on Queen's facebook page as of 15.56 11/01/19

South American penguins

Press for the event has stated that the species used will be Humboldt penguins. These animals do not live in Antarctic conditions, in fact they inhabit warmer climates of Chile and Peru in South America.

The charity took action against a similar event in December last year which was cancelled in the end thanks to public outcry.

Nicola continued,

People do not agree with using animals like this anymore. It sits uncomfortably as it is so similar to using animals in circuses - something which has been banned in Scotland and soon to be banned across Wales and England. Animals are forced to travel to different venues to be surrounded by crowds of people purely to entertain them. This should be confined to the history books, not taking place in our town centres.

So far there doesn’t seem to be a public statement from the event organisers about this event. A page for the event on facebook appears to have been removed.

Take action to end this event! Contact the organisers