9th October 2018

Last week, the Welsh Government launched a public consultation into the banning of wild animals in circuses. 

This follows an announcement from the Government back in July, stating that they intend to introduce a ban within 12 months, which will make Wales the second country in the UK to bring in such a ban.

Cabinet Secretary for Energy, Planning and Rural Affairs, Lesley Griffiths said: 

We believe that wild animals should be treated with dignity and respect as sentient beings, and not objectified or perceived as commodities for our entertainment...

A ban will send a clear message that the people of Wales believe this practice to be an outdated notion and ethically unacceptable...

We want future generations of children and young people to develop respectful and responsible attitudes towards animals. I would urge everyone with an interest to give their views on our proposals and take part in the consultation.

This is the latest in a recent surge in activity from UK and Irish Governments, around banning wild animal circuses. Earlier this year the Republic of Ireland introduced a ban followed by Scotland. As a result, pressure is mounting on Wales, England and the north of Ireland to do the same. 

Take Action!

The deadline for the consultation is 26th November - please respond before then, stating your support for the ban! 

Respond to the consultation here ----------> https://beta.gov.wales/wild-animals-travelling-circuses-wales-bill