Ceredigion Council Condemns Borth Zoo

The council has 'lost confidence' in the zoo. Read more

BREAKING: Three African Antelopes Have Escaped From Borth Zoo

Three lechwe have escaped from the zoo in Wales Read more

Over 2,000 People Join Calls for Borth Zoo to Close

Thousands have expressed their concern for the animals trapped inside the failing zoo. Read more

Ex-South Lakes Safari Zoo Boss Appeals Against Riding School Rejection

David Rivera's plans to build a horse riding centre may yet get the go-ahead. Read more

Borth Zoo Reopens Against the Advice of Ceredigion Council

Borth Wild Animal Kingdom has reopened despite still breaching its licence. Read more

VICTORY: Wild Animals are Banned in Circuses in England!

The Wild Animals in Circuses Act has finally come into effect, after over 60 years of campaigning Read more

Crowds and Flash Photography Make Captive Chimpanzees Anxious

A new study has found that zoo visitors are causing stress and anxiety in captive chimpanzees. Read more

Welsh Wild Animal Circus Ban Receives Cross Party Support

The Wild Animals and Circuses (Wales) Bill is one step closer to becoming law. Read more

Notorious Zoo's Former Boss Has Riding School Application Rejected

The former head of South Lakes Safari Zoo has had his plans for a horse riding centre rejected. Read more

Hundreds of Gyrfalcons Released and Recaptured in Scotland

Gyrfalcons and hybrids are being released in huge numbers in Scotland only to be recaptured and used in falconry shows. Read more

Alaskan Sea Otters to be Shipped 5,000 Miles to Birmingham Aquarium

Two Alaskan sea otters are to be shipped to Birmingham SEA LIFE Centre. Read more

Update: Plans for Horse Ranch Withdrawn

Former owner of South Lakes Safari Zoo withdraws plans for horse ranch following complaints. Read more

Investigation reveals shocking security lapses at British zoos

Zoos are failing the public and the animals they hold captive. Read more

Chimps escape enclosure at Belfast Zoo

Another animal has escaped their enclosure at Belfast Zoo Read more

Victory! Ice skating event with penguins cancelled

Shocking live penguin event at ice rink was cancelled Read more

Live penguins on display at city skate rink

Live penguins will be put on display at a skate rink in London on 19th January Read more

Victory! Live penguin event cancelled

Animal lovers convinced organisers to cancel Read more

Protesters outraged as wild penguins to feature in festive event

Festive event will use live penguins as props Read more

Snow leopard shot dead at Dudley Zoo

An escaped snow leopard has been shot dead by staff at Dudley Zoo, after a keeper left a cage door open. Read more

Victory! Shopping Centre Reindeer Event Cancelled

Campaign pressure sees reindeer saved from exploitation at shopping centre event Read more

Scotland ends use of wild animals in circuses

Freedom for Animals is pleased to announce that the ban on the use of wild animals in travelling circuses in Scotland will come into force on 28th May 2018. Read more

CAPS becomes Freedom for Animals

A new chapter in our work for animals Read more

BREAKING: England one step closer to banning wild animals in circuses

DEFRA declares intentions to ban the use of wild animals in circuses in England by 2020 Read more

BREAKING: Wales announce intentions to ban wild animals in circuses

Victory! Freedom for Animals welcomes news that Wales plans to ban wild animals in circuses. Read more

BREAKING: MSPs unanimously vote to ban wild animal circuses!

The Scottish Parliament has passed a Bill to ban wild animals in travelling circuses in Scotland. Read more

Two lynx dead at Welsh zoo

Two lynx are killed in the space of a few days at Borth Wild Animal Kingdom Read more

BREAKING: Republic of Ireland commit to banning wild animals in circuses!

Victory for animals as the Republic of Ireland announce a ban on circuses using wild animals. Read more