Elephants Could be Banned from UK Zoos

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Borth Zoo's Manager Quits Following Company Insolvency

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BREAKING: Borth Zoo Set to Permanently Close!

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VICTORY: Wild Animals are Banned from Welsh Circuses!

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Bristol Zoo Closes Amid Falling Visitor Numbers

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Primates Still Sold as Pets Despite Government Pledge

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EXPOSED: Animals at Borth Zoo Showing Symptoms of Zoochosis

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Borth Zoo Given 42 Days to Pay Huge Tax Bill

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BREAKING: Welsh Government Votes to Ban Wild Animals in Circuses

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Animals From Closed Devon Zoo To Be Rehomed

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Devon Zoo Closes Down for Good!

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Borth Wild Animal Kingdom are on the Verge of Bankruptcy

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Almost 40% of UK Bird of Prey Zoos Don’t Have the Correct Licence

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Natural England Allow Six Peregrine Chicks to be Taken From the Wild

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Second Kent-Based Bird of Prey Centre Found to be Operating ‘Illegally’

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Ceredigion Council Condemns Borth Zoo

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BREAKING: Three African Antelopes Have Escaped From Borth Zoo

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Over 2,000 People Join Calls for Borth Zoo to Close

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Ex-South Lakes Safari Zoo Boss Appeals Against Riding School Rejection

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Borth Zoo Reopens Against the Advice of Ceredigion Council

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VICTORY: Wild Animals are Banned in Circuses in England!

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Crowds and Flash Photography Make Captive Chimpanzees Anxious

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