Bex has been passionate about animal rights for as long as she can remember. Animal companions have always been a central theme in her life, as well as a deep respect for all living beings. She has volunteered and worked with animals in the UK and whilst travelling around the world, from dog rescue centres in Vietnam, to caring for spider monkeys in rehabilitation in Guatemala.

In 2012 she and her family founded an animal sanctuary, which then became a registered charity in 2021. The sanctuary is home to around 150 rescue animals - all victims of the farming industry, neglect, or simply unwanted companion animals. This hands-on experience with often disturbing and unpleasant situations has compounded Bex’s belief that all animals, no matter their species, deserve a life of peace, freedom and respect.

Bex joined Freedom for Animals in 2023, as Office Administrator.

I am beyond delighted to have been welcomed into the team here at FFA. It is an absolute honour to be working with such passionate individuals, for such a valuable and important cause. As a nation of animal lovers, I believe that we should all be presented with the honest truth of what goes on in the animal entertainment industries – spreading this awareness will lead to empathy, compassion and real, positive change. I am excited and grateful to be involved in the work that this incredible charity does… shouting out for those who are not being heard.