Isobel has had an affinity for animals and a passion for their rights since childhood. She first came to Freedom for Animals as a volunteer assisting with activism surrounding the Circuses, Sea Lies, and Fight for Flight campaigns, whilst carrying out other grassroots animal rights activism including anti-vivisection, anti-fur, and vegan outreach campaigning. She has also helped with fundraising for Freedom for Animals, helped to run information stalls for us, and in 2013 even skydived to raise money for our campaigns!

Isobel began working for Freedom for Animals in a professional campaigns capacity in 2021, when she came on board to manage the Festive Events campaign for that year. She returned in 2022 for the same campaign and was kept on beyond the festive season to help with other campaigns. She now focuses on ending the exploitation of animals in zoos and circuses, as well as contributing to other areas of our work and coordinating Freedom for Animals’ volunteer programme.

I am truly very proud to be a Campaigns Officer at Freedom for Animals. I’ve had a long relationship with the charity, one motivated by my respect for their mission to abolish the use of animals for entertainment. I believe that all animals deserve freedom to live their natural lives in the wild, and we have much more to learn from observing them in their own habitats than we do from imprisoning them. It is a very special experience to be part of a team with a shared vision of a world without cages and I am incredibly grateful for the opportunity.