Laura has been campaigning for animal freedom since she was a child; often attending live-export or anti-vivisection protests with her mother. These memorable and highly emotional experiences helped to shape the activist she is today, and cemented her goal of working towards a better world, free from animal suffering. 

In 2016, Laura started street campaigning for a range of grassroots organisations and animal protection charities, including Freedom for Animals. With every bit of experience gained through working with other volunteers and out in the field, she started to build on that knowledge by leading protests and covert operations for different charities, documenting the extreme and unfathomable use and abuse of animals in many different sectors; the memories of which continue to drive her activism efforts, and lead a life that aims to eradicate such suffering.

Laura also works in animal rescue, by taking care of, and rehabilitating, both domestic and wild animals at home, and volunteering for sanctuaries and rescues in her free time.

In 2018 Laura completed her degree in Animal Management and Conservation, which allowed her to gain an understanding of the legislation surrounding animal welfare, and the current corporate policies in place; most of which need to change dramatically if animals are to be better protected, and finally free. 

I’m so honoured and humbled to be able to join Freedom for Animals as their Campaigns Manager. FFA is an incredibly dedicated charity - one which understands the importance of grassroots ethics and holding an abolitionist stance in animal rights. Their groundbreaking investigative work - and the tactics they use to shine a light on animal suffering - has always appealed to me as an activist, as it gains results for animals by documenting the true reality of the animal entertainment industry, and the harmful practices that cause immense suffering to so many innocent individuals. I know wholeheartedly that my own goals of achieving animal liberation and working towards a better world for all, are shared by the compassionate people within FFA, and so to be part of such an inspiring team is an incredibly exciting prospect.