2019! What a year! More great victories for animals and more positive steps towards our shared goal... a world where animals are free. Free from exploitation, harm and captivity. 

Let’s take a look at everything you achieved for animals this year!


Circus ban secured in England

We have seen more fantastic progress for animals in circuses this year, with a bill to ban wild animal circuses in England FINALLY becoming law! Our Campaigns Director, Nicola was delighted to attend a meeting with the Government and represent your views on why a ban was needed, and of course advocate for a ban on ALL animals in circuses. 

A similar ban in Wales has progressed too, with the Government committed to banning wild animal circuses in 2020.


Groundbreaking investigation to help birds of prey launched! Our latest undercover investigation revealed the shocking practices used to imprison and train wild birds of prey for display. Birds being tied down for hours, some event days at a time. Some starved to make them perform… these findings grabbed national press and hundreds of you took action.

Zoo failings receive national press attention. We gave comment on an investigation by iNews which revealed how zoos were leaving animals at risk of injury and death, an issue we have highlighted so many times before. 

Zoo Awareness Weekend. Once again you took to the streets over Easter Weekend to speak out for animals in zoos! Protests took place at zoos and aquariums around the country whilst online we focused on ‘Top 10 reasons to boycott zoos.’


Cruel shows finally end for whales at SEA LIFE, who make it to sanctuary. After years of your hard campaigning for the freedom of three beluga whales at the SEA LIFE centre in Shanghai, the remaining two whales (Jun Jun tragically died) were finally taken to sanctuary this year. This is a major victory for these whales and other captive animals worldwide - thank you for fighting for their freedom! 


Monkeys and other primates kept as pets have a chance at freedom. The Government launched an enquiry into a possible ban on the keeping of primates as pets, after years of campaigning from us and other organisations. This is the first time ever that there is a real political engagement into a ban and we are going to fight hard to turn it into a reality, with your help!


Penguins saved from cruel ice-rink event. Thousands of people, celebrities and animal experts spoke out with rage, as it was revealed penguins were to be put on a public ice rink for visitors to skate around. Thankfully after protest, the event was cancelled!

Our campaign against the use of animals in festive events has seen more events cancelling and others choosing animal-friendly alternatives. You have been holding protests at events with great results! 


News law in the pipeline that could restrict mobile zoos. Far from a ban but new laws in progress in Wales could make it harder for mobile zoos and other animal displays to exploit animals. We have been sending evidence to the Government to push for the law to be as restrictive as possible, to protect animals. 

You helped us raise over £5500 for animals in mobile zoos in our matched funding campaign! This will fund undercover investigations to get behind the scenes at mobile zoos and expose cruelty. 

Thank you for all your hard work for animals this year! None of this progress, none of these victories, would be possible without you. 

We look forward to what 2020 will bring for animals! And look forward to fighting alongside you once more!

If you want to take one final action for animals before Christmas, join us as one of our Freedom Champions! Our Champions have made a commitment to animals that helps them far into the future - you can too!

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