Your lasting legacy for the animals

What a comfort to know that, even after we are gone, work to uphold our passions and protect the things we care about so dearly can go on. 

That’s the beauty of leaving a gift in your Will.

By leaving a gift in your Will, however big or small, you will be making sure that we can continue to be there for vulnerable and suffering animals, for as long as they need us. 

Your gift will make sure that the fight you have always been such an integral part of can continue on, until all are free.

Over the years, people like you have achieved so much for animals. You have freed animals from awful situations, ended horrific practices committed against vulnerable individuals, and changed the law to provide animals with the meaningful long-lasting protection they deserve. 

Your achievements for animals have been truly incredible. But sadly, these changes do not happen overnight. 

Today, after 60 years of tireless campaigning, we have finally secured bans against circuses that exploit wild animals in England, Scotland and Ireland, with a ban on the way in Wales too. These are amazing victories for animals - only made possible by the long-term support of amazing individuals like you.

And leaving money in your Will is a once in a lifetime opportunity to leave such a gift to the animals. A gift that will help animals now, and far into the future. 

So, when it comes time to think about it, as well as ensuring your loved ones are cared for you might wish to consider leaving a gift in your Will to Freedom for Animals. 

If this is something you would like to know more about, please do get in touch by emailing Andrew at [email protected], giving us a call on 0845 330 3911, or sending us a letter at 83 Ducie Street, Manchester. M1 2JQ. We always recommend that you also speak to a solicitor. 

Thank you.