I’m honoured to be a patron of Freedom for Animals. Human rights and animal rights are two aspects of the same struggle against injustice. Many animals suffer terribly, both physically and mentally, in circuses, zoos and other captive situations. Imprisoning animals and manipulating them for human fun and entertainment is cruel and barbaric. Freedom for Animals campaigns for the rights of these animals, without compromise. It is dedicated to stop suffering. Freedom for Animals has my admiration and appreciation. Please give Freedom for Animals your support, too.

Now living in London, Peter was born in Australia and has campaigned for human rights since 1969. He is a high-profile lecturer, author, journalist and activist on a wide range of issues. Although he has focused primarily on campaigning for gay emancipation, Peter believes human rights are universal and indivisible, and he has been involved in campaigns opposing capital punishment, apartheid, nuclear weapons and Britain’s war in Ireland and the US wars in Vietnam and Iraq.

For several years, Peter has spoken in support of animal issues and has highlighted comparisons between human and animal rights. Thought-provoking and unafraid to ask awkward questions, he is the author of six books and over 3,000 published articles. In recognition of his work, Peter was nominated for the 1992 Martin Ennals Civil Liberties Award.