Over the past several years, I have felt honoured to have been associated with Freedom for Animals. I think that the organisation is doing great work informing the public about the exploitation of animals, and inspiring people to work for reform on many fronts. Those who work with Freedom for Animals, and who facilitate its excellent media coverage, strike me as having a tremendously sincere and focused insight into the array of issues that comprise the Animal Rights movement. Every time I receive a mailing from Freedom for Animals I feel thankful that they are out there, tirelessly working on behalf of the community of animals (human and other).

Randy is Regents’ Professor of English at Georgia State University in Atlanta, USA.

His fields of interest are modern literature and cultural studies. Much of his recent work has been in the academic field of ecocriticism (studies of literature and culture from a nature-centred perspective) and more specifically anthrozoology (studies of human-animal relations).

He has written four books on these topics: Reading Zoos: Representations of Animals and Captivity; Poetic Animals and Animal Souls; A Cultural History of Animals in the Modern Age; and An Introduction to Animals And Visual Culture.