21st December 2018

Wow! What an AMAZING year 2018 has been for animals, all because of you!

This year has been one of the best ever for animals in circuses in the UK and Ireland, with country-wide bans being introduced and more on the horizon. It is an incredible time, when bans on wild animal circuses are years overdue. We are so grateful to everyone who has taken action on this monumental issue - thank you so much!

Of course this year saw a major change for us as an organisation too, changing from the Captive Animals’ Protection Society to our new name and look, Freedom for Animals. We were also delighted to launch our new ‘Freedom Champion’ monthly giving gift, so more compassionate people can join the fight for animal freedom.

Let’s look back at a few of your amazing victories for animals this year:


The start of the end for wild animal circuses. In January we saw a ban on wild animal circuses come into force in the Republic of Ireland, which kicked off a succession of victories for animals in 2018. In May, a ban came into force in Scotland, the first country in the UK.

Then the UK Government announced they intend to ban in England by 2020, followed shortly by Wales committing to a ban too.


SEA LIFE exposed once again. We worked with the BBC in March to expose shocking mortality rates of fish and other animals at SEA LIFE centres. This story grabbed headlines across the UK and we were able to appear on TV speaking out for animals. 

Whales to be freed. In the Summer, in one of our biggest victories in recent years thanks to our fantastic supporters, SEA LIFE finally gave into pressure and announced they would be retiring exploited beluga whales to a sanctuary. This is an amazing outcome  - thank you!

Zoosgorilla zoo

Touching people's hearts. Thanks to the donations of our kind supporters we were able to launch our new ‘Shine a Light Campaign’ on Zoo Awareness Weekend, which focused on the lives of six individuals exploited in the captivity industry. This took place alongside protests and events around the UK.

On call to speak out for animals. With the help of our supporters we spoke out for animals suffering in zoos. Like when a Snow Leopard was tragically shot at Dudley Zoo, and when endangered gorillas faced castration to keep them tame. 

Mobile zoos

Some new protection for animals. A new license was launched in England, for companies using animals in mobile zoos and other travelling exhibits. This was followed by the Welsh Government starting work to bring in a similar licence, which included hosting a meeting with Freedom for Animals and others to discuss how best to protect animals.

Festive events

Nationwide action sees fantastic results. Our campaign to end the use of animals in festive events had fantastic success this Christmas, with hundreds of people sent in event reports and held protests at events. A record number of events were cancelled using reindeer including one which was due to use penguins supplied by controversial company ‘‘Amazing Animals’.

...and these are only some of the things you have achieved for animals! Thank you.

Roll on 2019, and roll on even more incredible victories for animals!